Memphis: Goodyhay House (Location Key)


Four miles from Holcomb House and on the "edge of Memphis, Tennessee" is the residence of Brother J.C. Goodyhay (295). In The Mansion Mink Snopes stays three nights in this "small frame house" (293). The place is surrounded by a "tiny savagely untended yard" which is prelude to "even more violent desolation" in the "backyard," which "contains another house not dismantled so much as collapsed - a jumble of beams, joists, window- and door-frames and even still-intact sections of siding" (293). With "no shades nor curtains," the interior of Goodyhay's house possesses "an air of violent transience similar to the indiscriminate jumble of walls and windows and doors" outside (297). The kitchen is "not spartan so much as desolate" (297), its ambience characterized by a "single unshaded low-watt bulb on a ceiling cord" (299) and a "camouflaged battle helmet" hanging on the back of the door with an "automatic pistol-butt projecting from its webbing belt" (298).

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Memphis: Goodyhay House
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Memphis: Goodyhay House

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