Memphis: Bus Depot (Location Key)


There are at least two different Memphis bus stations in these three texts. In "Uncle Willy" the one used by the narrator is located "at the edge of town" (240). The narrator of "Two Soldiers" arrives in the city at the main bus station; as he puts it, the "bus dee-po" in Memphis is "a heap bigger than the one in Jefferson" (93). Mink Snopes is given a ride into Memphis in a truck in The Mansion, but gets let off at "the bus station"; the man who gives him a ride says that "buses leave here for everywhere" (314). Mink wonders if he can spend the night there, but never does. Most of the interstate bus travel in those days would have been on Greyhound buses, which also owned many of the bus stations around the country - including the one in Memphis.

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Memphis: Bus Depot
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Memphis: Bus Depot