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This is one of the other Memphis brothels mentioned in Sanctuary, and one of the two that Virgil Snopes and Fonzo Winbush visit - while living at Miss Reba's brothel under the assumption that it's a boarding house. The text does not provide any clear indication where this brothel is located, but according to a 1938 report on "Prostitution Conditions in Memphis," the city "tolerated" a "red light district located in the lower end of the city, a deteriorated section not far from the railroad and mainly inhabited by colored people," "chiefly along S. Mulberry Street." Like so much else in Faulkner's South, prostitution was organized around the laws of segregation. Like Miss Reba's, this brothel has only white prostitutes and serves only white patrons.

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Memphis: Brothel
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Memphis: Brothel

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