Meadowfill's Sawmill (Location Key)


Meadowfill owns and runs one of the many sawmills in the various Yoknapatawpha fictions; along with raising and ginning cotton, turning trees into lumber for export outside the county employs a lot of the local population. When The Mansion says that Mr. Meadowfill "was so mean [i.e. tight with money] as to be solvent and retired even from the savings of a sawmill" (361), it implies how little money there is even in one of the biggest sectors of Yoknapatawpha's economy. Meadowfill's sawmill is somewhere in the county, and we can assume it is outside the bottom lands where cotton grows instead of trees, but beyond that we have to speculate on its location.

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Meadowfill's Sawmill
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Meadowfill's Sawmill

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