Meadowfill House (Location Key)


Although in The Town most of the former Compson plantation ends up as the housing development called "Eula Acres," The Mansion features the story of what happens in the "little corner of the Compson place" that a man named Meadowfill buys when he retires (361). This story is another way Faulkner provides to measure what is being lost to what many call progress. Meadowfill's property is located on a strip of land described by the deed as "south to the road known as Freedom Springs Road then east along said Road" (367). On this site he builds a "little unwired un-plumbing-ed house" (361). The property is also unfenced, which occasions the conflict between him and Res Snopes, who builds "a hog-lot along the boundary of old Meadowfill's orchard" (363). In 1934, after Eula Acres is developed, the feud heats up when a "new arterial highway" to Jefferson is planned and "one of the big oil companies" seeks to purchase land "to build a filling station on" (366).

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Meadowfill House
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Meadowfill House

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