McKinley Smith's House (Location Key)


Only one house among the rows of "small brightly painted pristinely new hutches as identical (and about as permanent) as squares of gingerbread or teacakes" that make up the development Eula Acres is singled out in The Mansion (366): it is the home built by a World War II veteran named McKinley Smith, with occasional help from "one professional carpenter," on a site picked out by his fiancee Essie Meadowfill "not even very far from where she had lived most of her life" (374). Faulkner admires both McKinley and Essie, and obviously exempts this residence from his contempt for the whole idea of a housing development, but it's not clear why he makes this one exception. Smith's plans for the house include "millwork and trim which only the expert carpenter could do" (375) - perhaps he is persuaded by the individualism expressed in these details.

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McKinley Smith's House
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McKinley Smith's House

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