McEacherns' Farm and Vicinity (Location Key)


To display the events in chapters 7-9 of Light in August - the years Joe Christmas spends with the McEacherns - we created an inset map with 15 different Locations. The novel doesn't give us a way to know for sure where the McEacherns' farm and the nearby town might be. It takes McEachern and Joe "all" of a day traveling in a "light buggy" to get there from Memphis (143), but the novel gives no clear indication what direction they travel in. However, if we assume McEachern drives east to take Joe "home" (144), it's not impossible that the town is or is near 'Memphis Junction,' which is based on the real town of Holly Springs, Mississippi, which Faulkner mentions on his 1936 map of Yoknapatawpha, and which appears in several of the fictions, and if that is what Faulkner has in mind, it would mean that Joe actually grows up not far from Jefferson, where he dies - but all this is very speculative.

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McEacherns' Farm and Vicinity
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McEacherns' Farm and Vicinity