Although it is largely set on the plantation that will become morally charged with the worst aspects of slavery in Go Down, Moses, this story merely mentions a Beauchamp and an Edmonds. If we're following the way Faulkner's idea of the McCaslin family evolved, this story may seem very tangential - but it's worth noting that the white landlord of the plantation, whom Faulkner had called "Roth" in an earlier story, is now named "Carothers" (240). That name hasn't appeared before in the Yoknapatawpha fictions. Soon Faulkner will give it again to the slave-owning McCaslin whose legacy defines the central issue of the novel.

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"Pantaloon in Black"
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McCaslins in Pantaloon in Black
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Carothers Edmonds - "Pantaloon in Black"
Lucas Beauchamp - "Pantaloon in Black"