The Mansion, 354 (Event)

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His uncle told him how back in 1943
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Midcentury (1941-)
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Friday, January 1, 1943 to Sunday, January 31, 1943

Gavin Stevens tells Charles Mallison that in 1943 the town learns that Flem now owns what was left of the Compson place. NOTE: The Events on pages 354-373 of Chapter 14 occur before Charles Mallison returns from World War II. In this Event the text suggests the possibility that all those pages re-present the story by paraphrasing in the third-person what Uncle Gavin tells Charles sometime after his return. The chapter is dotted with phrases like "his uncle told him" (354), "Charles's uncle said" (355, 357, 360, 364, 370, 371), "his Uncle Gavin said" (356, 358, 358), "(his uncle said)" (356), "his uncle said" (356, 360, 365), "he - Gavin - said" (356), "Gavin said" (356), "(Charles's uncle said)" (358), "Charles's Uncle Gavin said" (364, 365), "his - Charles's - uncle told him" (360), and "(as his Uncle Gavin put it)" (365) - but even so, the story remains in the third person (as the references to Charles and Gavin as "he" rather than I), and there is no consistency to the way parts of the story is attributed to Uncle Gavin. Based on the textual evidence, we identify all these passages as Narrated rather than Told, and see the chapter - in places, but not in all places - as a third-person narrator's paraphrase of what "Uncle Gavin said."

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Cultural Issue: Economic: Property Ownership
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