Two MacCallums are mentioned in this novel, though only one by name. The twin brother of Rafe is at Samson's when the Bundrens pass by. Readers of Flags in the Dust know this brother is Stuart. Samson, however, can only refer to him as Rafe's twin: "I have known him from a boy up; know his name as well as I do my own. But be durn if I can say it” (119). It's not clear why Faulkner brought this member of the family from their home in northeast Yoknapatawpha to this novel's Frenchman's Bend setting, but the brief reference may serve to measure the distance between the yeoman class that the MacCallums belong to and a "poor white" family like the Bundrens.

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As I Lay Dying
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MacCallums in As I Lay Dying
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