It seems likely that the "Anse McCallum" who bought one of the Texas ponies in the past and the "McCallum" who makes the moonshine Ratliff carries with him are two different members of the family that Faulkner had spelled "MacCallum" in two earlier novels, but the references are so short that it's hard to know for sure. In those texts there is no "Anse" in the family, but Faulkner may be thinking of the MacCallum family patriarch, Virginius. In the short story "The Tall Men," published a year after The Hamlet and clearly about the same MacCallum family that appears in Flags in the Dust (1929), Faulkner renames the family patriarch "Old Anse." In Flags it is the partriarch's second son, Henry, who is famous throughout Yoknapatawpha for the quality of his moonshine.

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