Light in August Inset: Town (Location Key)


In Light in August the nearest town to the McEachern farm is a county seat - like Jefferson, it has a "courthouse tower" with a "muncipal clock" on it (173), and McEachern's lawyer has his office there. But it is described as a much rougher place than Jefferson. It is "a railroad division point" (173), that is, a place where trains change crews as they travel through. The presence of this transient population explains why there are "many men about the streets" (173), and a profitable demand for the Memphis prostitutes who work for Max. Other than noting that the town is five miles from the McEachern's, the text provides no clear indication of where (within the radius of a day's ride from Memphis) it might be located - but it might be the "Memphis Junction" noted on Faulkner's 1936 map of Yoknapatawpha.

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Light in August Inset: Town
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Light in August Inset: Town