Killegrews' Farm (Location Key)


All three of the stories in what could be called, a bit hyperbolically, the Grier trilogy mention the farm owned by Old Man Killegrew. It's where Res Grier (in "Shingles for the Lord") goes to borrow a tool, and where (in "Two Soldiers" and "Shall Not Perish") his two sons go to stand outside Killegrew's window in the evenings and listen to the news on the radio that the old man has to play loudly for his almost-deaf wife. The few details we get suggest that this farm is more prosperous than others in Frenchman's Bend: Killegrew can afford not just the radio and the tools Res borrows, but also employs a cook. The only other residents of the Bend who have cooks are the Varners and Jack or Zack Houston. But the neither the farm nor the farmhouse are described.

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Killegrews' Farm
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Killegrews' Farm