Jefferson Undertaker's (Location Key)


There are quite a few funerals in the fictions, but only two of them use the funeral parlor as a location, and on those occasions it's actually serving as the coroner's office or county morgue for two murdered men. Tommy's corpse is taken there in Sanctuary, and Jake Montgomery's in Intruder in the Dust. The front of the undertaker's is on the Square, and in both novels the front windows - it's specifically a "plate glass window" in Intruder (179) - provide a kind of entertainment to the crowds of "boys and youths" who look through them at the bodies (Sanctuary, 112). Intruder describes the boys with "nose pressed to the glass" (179). In Sanctuary "the younger men of the town" walk inside the building for a still closer look (112).

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Jefferson Undertaker's
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Jefferson Undertaker's