Jefferson Newspaper Office|Printing Shop (Location Key)


The "office of the county weekly newspaper" appears in 3 different texts (259, 355). In "Death Drag" "the newspaper office" (190) is where the barnstormers go to get handbills printed for the performance they are going to put on for the town. In "Go Down, Moses" it's where Gavin Stevens goes for information about the Negro whom Mollie Beauchamp has asked him to find. Though the office itself isn't described in any of the texts, the fact that it is across the Square from Gavin's office is mentioned. And ironically, in all these cases, nothing ever ends up getting into the local newspaper. We include in this Location the place where Jason goes in The Sound and the Fury hoping to find blank checks that he can substitute for the actual checks Caddy sends Mrs. Compson; he calls it "the printing shop" (216), but based on "Death Drag" it seems possible that it might also have been the newspaper office, especially considering the size of Jefferson: in small American towns the local newspaper often served as the local printer.

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Jefferson Newspaper Office|Printing Shop
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Jefferson Newspaper Office|Printing Shop