Jefferson Methodist Church (Location Key)


Methodists built one of the earliest churches in Jefferson: it's already there in 1838 when Thomas Sutpen and Ellen Coldfield get married in it in Absalom, Absalom!. Ellen's father, Goodhue Coldfield, is a "steward" in this church (11). Thirty years later, Judith Sutpen wants her father's funeral to be held in "that same Methodist church in town where he had married her mother" (151) - but that design falls through when the wagon carrying his corpse there overturns. That phrase "in town" means that this is not the church in the county "which Sutpen rode fast to," to quote the caption on Faulkner's map. There's no way, however, to know if Faulkner imagined it as the same Methodist church that Jason Compson is referring to in The Sound and the Fury - that is, earlier in Faulkner's career, but much later in Yoknapatawpha history: the "sun was down beyond the Methodist church now, and the pigeons were flying back and forth around the steeple" (247).

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Jefferson Methodist Church
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Jefferson Methodist Church