Jefferson Hotel (Location Key)


This is a generic Location, bringing together the five texts that refer to a "hotel" in Jefferson without making it clear which hotel is meant, or even if it's more likely to be a boarding house than a hotel. Cash Bundren calls the place where his family spends one night in Jefferson in As I Lay Dying a "hotel" (260), and in "That Evening Sun" Quentin Compson says Mr. Lovelady and his wife and daughter "lived at the hotel" (308) - but in those cases it seems far more likely that a boarding house is meant. On the other hand, the "hotel" mentioned in Sanctuary and the "hotel" mentioned in "Dry September" are both on the Square, and cater to "drummers" (traveling salesman), and in either or both cases might be the Holston House, Jefferson's main hotel - but that name isn't used. The Holston House also has a dining room, which could be where "papa" takes Louisa "to eat breakfast" in "That Will Be Fine" (270) - but again that isn't made explicit.

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Jefferson Hotel
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Jefferson Hotel