Jefferson Dentist's Office (Location Key)


In The Sound and the Fury Jason Compson pretends he's going to "the dentist" in Jefferson (227). Sanctuary mentions (but never goes inside) what it calls "a dentist's office" - which may mean Jefferson has more than one. That novel does describes Clarence Snopes leaving it and lighting a cigar at the curb in front of it (265). He seems to have gone there to get his teeth checked after being hit in the face, though the narrative does not let us inside the details of that event either. As I Lay Dying doesn't say where Anse Bundren "got them teeth" - the full set of false ones he's sporting at the end - but it might have been at 'a' or 'the' dentist's office in Jefferson too (260).

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Jefferson Dentist's Office
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Jefferson Dentist's Office