Jason Compson's Bungalow (Location Key)


By definition a 'bungalow' is a low house, usually of just one story. Characters who live in a residence that Faulkner calls a 'bungalow' include Flem Snopes (in "Centaur in Brass" and The Town), the Gants (in "Miss Zilphia Gant"), the "Gowan Stevenses" (in Requiem for a Nun) and, here in The Mansion, Jason Compson. Jason himself was of course born in a mansion, but the mansion of the novel's title - originally owned by the De Spains - is now occupied by Flem. In the novel the Compson house burns down, and Jason uses the insurance money and "borrows a little more on the now vacant lot" to build a "new brick bungalow up on the main street to the Square" (355).

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Jason Compson's Bungalow
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Jason Compson's Bungalow