Jakeleg Wattman's Fishing Camp (Location Key)


In The Mansion this "so-called" fishing camp is located at Wylie's Crossing on the Tallahatchie River (244). Jakeleg sells bootleg whiskey from his "notorious riverbottom joint" (245). Alcohol cannot legally be sold in Faulkner's Mississippi; whenever this "joint" was raided Wattman would move it "one mile deeper" into the bottom (244). Consequently, he keeps the store purposefully "unpainted" so that he can dismantle it quickly. Inside the little store, there are "unpainted shelves" which are "crowded with fish-hooks and sinkers and lines and tobacco and flashlight batteries and coffee and canned beans and shotgun shells." "Tacked on the wall," the "neat row of United States Internal Revenue Department liquor licenses" offers some pretense of respectability, although Jakeleg himself carefully occupies a "chicken-wire barricaded counter" through which he sells his bottles of liquor (244).

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Jakeleg Wattman's Fishing Camp
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Jakeleg Wattman's Fishing Camp