Inverness, Mississippi (Location Key)


In As I Lay Dying Jewel is told that Doctor Peabody "has gone down below Inverness somewhere" (185). Inverness is the name of a real town in Mississippi. We use its actual location to place "Inverness" on the regional map, but with misgivings: Inverness is over 100 miles southwest of the imaginary place in northern Mississippi where Yoknapatawpha is usually located. That's a surprisingly long way for Peabody to travel in his horse-drawn carriage - though since As I Lay Dying is such an early text, it's conceivable that Faulkner hasn't a clear idea yet of where in Mississippi Yoknapatawpha "is." (No other references to Inverness appear in the Yoknapatawpha fictions.)

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Inverness, Mississippi
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Inverness, Mississippi