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During the 1957 and 1958 Spring semesters, William Faulkner was the Writer-in-Residence at the University of Virginia. During that time he appeared at thirty-six different public events, reading from his work and answering over 1400 questions from students, faculty and others. Thanks to two members of the Department of English, Frederick Gwynn and Joseph Blotner, most of those sessions were recorded, and preserved on tape in the University of Virginia Special Collections Library. Over 28 hours of the recordings have been digitized, and are available online in the Faulkner at Virginia audio archive. 139 of Faulkner's answers are available in Digital Yoknapatawpha, organized by the texts that appear as links below.

Audio Clips Index

Flags in the Dust|Sartoris (8 clips)
The Sound and the Fury (8 clips)
“A Rose for Emily” (5 clips)
As I Lay Dying (6 clips)
“Red Leaves” (7 clips)
“Dry September” (1 clip)
Sanctuary (4 clips)
“That Evening Sun” (3 clips)
“Spotted Horses” (3 clips)
“All the Dead Pilots” (1 clip)
“A Justice” (3 clips)
“Death Drag” (2 clips)
Light in August (8 clips)
“Wash” (3 clips)
Absalom, Absalom! (18 clips)
The Unvanquished (13 clips)
The Hamlet (8 clips)
Go Down, Moses (12 clips)
“Shingles for the Lord” (1 clip)
“Appendix Compson” (2 clips)
Intruder in the Dust (5 clips)
“A Courtship” (3 clips)
Requiem for a Nun (5 clips)
“Race at Morning” (6 clips)
The Town (9 clips)