Faulkner adds three generations to the Compson family in his 1946 addition to The Sound and the Fury. But the only member of the Ikkemotubbe|Issetibbeha family to appear there is "IKKEMOTUBBE" himself, whose entry comes first as a "dispossessed American king" and the person who "granted out of his vast lost domain" the land on which the Compsons created the estate they were also to lose (325). His entry ends with a second dispossession for him and "his people," the larger tribe, after oil is discovered in the "wild western land presently to be called Oklahoma" to which they had been 'removed' (325).

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"Appendix Compson"
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Ikkemotubbe Family in Appendix Compson
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Ikkemotubbe - "Appendix: Compson"