Hot Spring on Chickasaw Plantation (Location Key)


Usually "hot springs" are natural pools of water heated by geothermal energy to a temperature higher than that of the human body. In many cultures around the world they are used therapeutically. The hot spring on Doom's plantation in "A Justice" is where Sam Fathers' "pappy" Craw-ford (or Crawfish-ford) soaks his feet for three days after he "hurt his back lifting the steamboat" (352). When Doom suggests "the husband of the woman which I won on the steamboat" (353) should sit with him, his back is suddenly better. ("Red Leaves" mentions a well on the plantation, and "A Courtship" mentions a spring with drinking water, but this is the only mention of a 'hot spring' in all the Yoknapatawpha fictions.)

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Hot Spring on Chickasaw Plantation
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Hot Spring on Chickasaw Plantation