Harris' Farm (Location Key)


Before moving to Frenchman's Bend, Ab Snopes and his family live on a succession of "worn-out tenant farms" in various places in and out of Yoknapatawpha (The Town, 275). This location is the farm that belongs to "a fellow named Harris over in Grenier County" (The Hamlet, 10), which in that novel and "Barn Burning" is the site of the barn that Ab burns before moving to Yoknapatawpha. Like Frenchman's Bend, Grenier County is named for the Old Frenchman; it is immediately south of Yoknapatawpha. We only hear about Mr. Harris' farm. We know that Harris grows corn, because Snopes' hog gets into it, and that he had a barn, because Snopes burns it down. We can assume that Harris is Snopes' landlord, but how much property he owns or how many other tenants he might have is not known.

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Harris' Farm
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Harris' Farm