The Hamlet, 379 (Event)

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It was about midnight the next night when Ratliff
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Thursday, August 3, 1899 to Thursday, August 31, 1899

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Ratliff, Bookwright and Armstid return the following midnight, bringing Dick Bolivar whom they have to carry up the hill and into the garden. Armstid goes to digging furiously, and Ratliff tries to stop him, asking him to let Bolivar divine for the treasure before they aimlessly dig holes throughout the garden. Bolivar tells them that the earth needs to be quiet for him to do his work, and Armstid finally relents, allowing Bolivar to use the chief implement of his trade, a "forked peach branch" upon which dangles a sack with a "gold-filled human tooth" (381). Bolivar then slowly walks with the three men following him, back and forth across the garden, and stops and demands that Bookwright get off of the ground, a request which the three men at first heed. Bookwright rejoins the procession, and Bolivar eventually divines a location upon which Armstid begins to dig with his hands, while the others get their tools and join him in his labor. The three men dig until they they reach "a heavy solid sack" bulging with "the round milled edges of coins" (383). Armstid grabs the sack and will not release it, but Bolivar declares that he hears "floor bloods lust-running" which the three men interpret as four men hiding farther down the slope (384). They find no one, although they hear a horse on the old road. They return to the garden where Bolivar divines the location of two more sacks of coins.

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Themes: Hidden treasure; Flem's Schemes; Objects: Forked-Peach Branch, Gold-filled Human Tooth
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