The Hamlet, 356 (Event)

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So neither did the Varner surrey nor Ratliff's
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Saturday, May 6, 1899 to Wednesday, May 31, 1899

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Two dozen wagons converge on Whiteleaf store, forcing two more minor changes in venue -- from the store to the adjacent shed to the grove outside. Four wooden pews are bought in from the church to seat the litigants, their families and the witnesses. The first action, "Armstid against Snopes," begins with the bailiff reporting that Flem, the defendant, refused to come to the proceedings, which causes the Justice to rule him in contempt of court, a charge which Lump questions, but he stops short of representing his absent cousin. Mrs. Armstid then relates the events of the auction, but the Justice rules that Flem is not responsible for the horses unless someone can give evidence that he was the owner. The action then moves to the five dollars that Buck gave to Flem in safekeeping for Mrs. Armstid. Mrs. Armstid again provides her perspective, but Lump intervenes, first attempting to have Eck swear that he saw Flem give the note back to Buck and then placing his hand on the bible and swearing to it himself.

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Actions: Legal Proceeding; Objects: Bible, Almanac, Mississippi Reports; Animals: Horses, Ponies
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