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The place called "Haley bottom" appears only in As I Lay Dying. Once the Bundrens cross the flooded river, they should be able to travel straight from Frenchman's Bend to Jefferson. But according to Armstid, "the levee through Haley bottom had done gone for two miles and . . . the only way to get to Jefferson would be go around by Mottson" (185). Although this is vague, it seems to be saying that a levee built between the road to town and a creek at a particularly low place (a "bottom") has been carried away by the rising water. Anse confirms this when he tells the Mottson sheriff that they are in his town because "the road was washed out" (204). In any case, the road's impassibility makes the Bundrens' journey take several days longer - which is presumably why for the sake of this one story Faulkner added this creek and levee to the landscape of Yoknapatawpha. Neither Faulkner's maps nor any of the other fictions even refer to a creek alongside the road between the Bend and Jefferson.

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Haley Bottom
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Haley Bottom

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