Gum Tree|Pin Oak Tree (Location Key)


Faulkner tells the story of Boon Hogganbeck and the squirrels three different times. In "Lion" it takes place at the "Gum Tree": "a single big gum just outside the woods, in an old clearing"; as a place to shoot squirrels it is celebrated enough to be referred to (by two different characters) with that capital G and capital T (198,199). It is still referred (by Ash and the third-person narrator) with those reverent capital letters in Go Down, Moses (306, 311). In The Reivers, on the other hand, it is "a single big pin oak" - it too stands "inside the clearing," though in this text the clearing itself is a relatively new one (24).

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Gum Tree|Pin Oak Tree
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Gum Tree|Pin Oak Tree