Grenada, Mississippi|POW Camp (Location Key)


In Flags in the Dust Grenada, a real county in Mississippi, is mentioned in a context defined by Colonel Sartoris' war-time heroics. In The Unvanquished it is mentioned in terms of Ab Snopes' war-time venality. In those cases the war is the Civil War. The context for the last reference, in The Mansion, is World War II. While getting a ride from Parchman Penitentiary, Mink Snopes is surprised to see a structure alongside the highway that "looks like - Parchman" (118). The trucker identifies it as a "P.O.W. camp" (118). German soldiers captured in Europe were interned at a number of camps in the U.S., including three in Mississippi. The closest one to Mink would have been Camp McCain, just outside Grenada. Almost 8000 POW's were held there between 1944 and 1946. (See also the entry for Grenada and Calhoun Counties, Mississippi, in this index.)

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Grenada, Mississippi|POW Camp
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Grenada, Mississippi|POW Camp