Granny's Retreat to Memphis (Location Key)


In the story "Retreat" and again in The Unvanquished Granny Millard and her party spend four days traveling across northern Mississippi and southwestern Tennessee toward Memphis. This journey - the nights spent sleeping in the wagon in the woods along the road, the meals taken in houses they pass - are mainly summarized, and the most memorable detail of the landscape is the one burned house they see. But the location also includes the crossroads where, on the fourth day of their trip, they are attacked by a band of marauders while passing a deserted house with a stable behind it. It is here that Bayard and Ringo are separated from Granny when they try to overtake the men on a horse they "borrow" a horse from the stable (62); that night the boys spend under a nearby bridge, where John Sartoris and his troop discover them.

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Granny's Retreat to Memphis
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Granny's Retreat to Memphis