Gowan and Temple's Apartment (Location Key)


At least one of the Scenes in the three-act drama in Requiem for a Nun is set in the Jefferson apartment where Gowan and Temple Stevens live. Faulkner's stage direction describes the apartment building as "an old house, an ante-bellum house," that has been cut up into apartments and "modernized"; the living room where Act I, Scene II, occurs is "smart, modern, up-to-date," but also expressing "the air of another time" (41). There is some confusion, however, about this setting. Later Temple herself says that "the Gowan Stevenses" live in "a new bungalow on the right [i.e. fashionable] street" (124). Scene II in Act II is set in "Temple's private apartment," with "a private entrance . . . from outdoors" (136), which could be in either the apartment house or the bungalow.

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Gowan and Temple's Apartment
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Gowan and Temple's Apartment