Georgie's Grandpa's Home (Location Key)


Georgie's grandpa lives in Mottstown. Mottstown (sometimes spelled Mottson) is the county seat of the county immediately south of Yoknapatawpha, but we include it on our main map because so many events in the Yoknapatawpha fictions take place there. "That Will Be Fine," however, is the only story that is mainly set there. Every Christmas, Georgie's family, including their black cook, leave Jefferson to visit Grandpa. While there they live in this house, a family home in which Grandpa has lived for many years, if not his whole life, and which is large enough to accommodate three generations of the family: in addition to the three visitors from Jefferson, its residents are Grandpa and Grandma and their grown children, Rodney and Louisa, along with Louisa's husband and their three children. The property includes outbuildings: the "woodshed" or "woodhouse" from which Uncle Fred gets a padlock (276). The cabin in the back yard where Grandpa's cook, Mandy, lives has its own entry in this index.

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Georgie's Grandpa's Home
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Georgie's Grandpa's Home