General Longstreet

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General Longstreet
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Longstreet, General
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While James Longstreet is not nearly as mythic a Confederate figure as Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson or J.E.B. Stuart (only one character in the fictions, for example, is named after him, and even then the character's full name is "Jackson and Longstreet Fentry"), as a general and corps commander in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia Longstreet probably understood and practiced the more modern warfare that emerged on the battlefields better than any other Confederate commander. Intruder in the Dust, for example, one of the five texts he is mentioned in, notes his extreme reluctance to launch Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, despite Lee's orders (190). After the war he became a Republican and worked with rather than against the federal government in Reconstruction, earning him the emnity of the un-reconstructed and solidly Democrat white South - so it's perhaps surprising that anyone in Yoknapatawpha wears his name.