Garraway's Store (Location Key)


This "small dingy store" in The Town is owned by old Mr. Garraway (328) and located at Seminary Hill (named for the school that Melisandre Backus and Maggie Mallison once attended, 52). Like the other country stores in the fictions, it is a place for men to gather and talk while eating cheese and crackers. Gavin describes it in some detail when he depicts Garraway himself "standing there behind the worn counter which he had inherited from his father, racked with tins of meat and spools of thread and combs and needles and bottles of cooking extract and malaria tonic and female compound" (328). These items suggest a female clientele, but in the novel the only customers Gavin mentions seeing there are black and male, "loafing Negroes" (327).

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Garraway's Store
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Garraway's Store

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