Gant Dressingmaking Shop (Location Key)


In "Miss Zilphia Gant" the "dressmaking shop" that Mrs. Gant buys when she moves to Jefferson is also where she and Zilphia live for "twenty-three years" (371). It is one of the businesses and offices in Jefferson that are on the second story of the buildings around the Square, reached by an outside flight of "stairs to the street" (374); on its ground floor the building houses a grocery store (371). Mrs. Gant and Zilphia live in a "single room twelve feet square" in rear of shop, which "contained a bed, a table, two chairs and an oil stove" and a single "barred" window (371) - though later this back room is changed into a "fitting room" (375) and still later into "a day nursery" for the girl Zilphia herself is raising (381).

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Gant Dressingmaking Shop
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Gant Dressingmaking Shop