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Fentry's place in "Tomorrow" is a farm located 30 miles away from Frenchman's Bend, "at the very other end" of Yoknapatawpha (90). Chick Mallison describes the place: "We were in the hills now, out of the rich flat land, among the pine and bracken, the poor soil, the little tilted and barren patches of gaunt corn and cotton which somehow endured; the roads we followed less than lanes, winding and narrow, rutted and dust choked, the car in second gear half the time. Then we saw the mailbox, the crude lettering: G.A. Fentry; beyond it the two-room log house with an open hall, and even I, a boy of twelve, could see that no woman's hand had touched it in a lot of years" (94-95).

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Fentry House
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Fentry House

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