"That Evening Sun", 294 (Event)

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Nancy had her hat on. We came to the lane.
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Turn of the Century (1890-1913)
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Friday, January 1, 1909 to Friday, December 31, 1909

Also, I haven't added an entry for "Another Wife," a speculative character introduced by Father. What do you think? I think it doesn't really count as a character, since it seems like a slight. That said, in part in it's an invocation of the song St. Louis Blues where the singer bemoans being left by her man for a lighter skinned woman in St. Louis. (Julie)

Tough call! I went ahead and added an entry for "Unnamed Wife" although, as you say, the possibly is speculation on Father's part, based on his racist interpretations of black behaviors. Still, his suggestion is key to the passage that describes Nancy's jealousy. I would vote for including this speculation on the same basis as our inclusion of the speculation about where Jesus might have gone; they are "functional facts" that reveal not what is actual but what is assumed through speculation. Perhaps we need another category under "vitality" that describes a character neither as a dead or alive ghost but as "speculative." I also added a note at the character entry because I had to select "alive-ghost" for vitality before I could save the entry. (Cheryl)


Father and the children accompany Nancy down the lane. Father and Nancy talk about her apprehensions that Jesus has come back to kill her, and Father arouses Nancy's jealousy when he speculates that Jesus is "probably in St. Louis now. Probably got another wife by now and forgot all about you" (295). Meanwhile, Caddy argues with Jason about whether he was scared in the lane on Halloween.

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mother, family, children, sex between white men and black women, St. Louis, black migration, jealousy