Eck Snopes' Second Wife

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Eck Snopes' Second Wife
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Snopes, Second Wife of Eck
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This is the second of Eck's two wives in The Hamlet. He marries her six months after arriving in Frenchman's Bend. A "big, strong, tranquil-faced young woman" (220), she is from the family whom he meets while he and Flem are boarding at a farm outside of the village. Together Eck and his wife have three children, but they are only briefly alluded to in this novel. No previous wife is mentioned when Eck and this woman re-appear in The Town; now she is the mother of both Wallstreet Panic and Admiral Dewey - who were step-brothers earlier. When Eck dies in The Town, she receives a thousand dollars and invests the money in Wall's grocery store.