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Du Pre
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Du Pre
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The husband of Virginia Sartoris (Aunt Jenny) is a man named Du Pre. According to The Unvanquished, one of the two fictions in which he is mentioned, he was "killed at the very beginning of the War, by a shell from a Federal frigate at Fort Moultrie" (235). Fort Moultrie was one of the forts in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina, and it's very likely that Du Pre, like the Sartorises, was from "Cal-lina" - as Elnora calls it in "There Was a Queen," the other text in which Jenny's husband is mentioned (732). In that story Elnora agrees that "the Yankees" killed him in the Civil War (732). Neither text says more about him, but from that aristocratic "Du" in his name, not to mention the fact that Virginia Sartoris married him, it's safe to say that he also belonged to the upper class.