The Delta Inset: Camp (Location Key)


"Race at Morning" takes place long after the hunting camp that Major de Spain built on the site of Sutpen's fishing camp has disappeared, and far enough away from "Yoknapatawpha" to suggest that it's in the Delta region of Mississippi, perhaps on the Sunflower River (where Faulkner himself hunted in the mid-20th century). Unlike "Delta Autumn," where the hunters set up tents on their arrival for the annual hunt, the "camp" in this story seems to be a permanent and fairly big set of structures. The men who play poker sit in "chairs" (296) in one room, the narrator and Mister Ernest sleep elsewhere in their own room, and the bench on which these last two sit at the end of the story is "against the kitchen wall" (308).

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The Delta Inset: Camp
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The Delta Inset: Camp