Delta Hunting Ground (Location Key)


To display the events in "Race at Morning" we created an inset map with 15 separate Locations in the Mississippi Delta to which Ike McCaslin and the other hunters from Yoknapatawpha travel to find enough wilderness to hunt as they want to. Each of those Locations has its own entry in this index. But to put them, and the story, in a context, it's interesting to note that Faulkner himself often went hunting in the Delta with parties from Lafayette, the real Mississippi county where he lived and on which so much of Yoknapatawpha is based. And Faulkner drew his own maps of that hunting ground, which you can see for yourselves at the "Faulkner & Maps" section in Digital Yoknapatawpha. (The Hunting Camp in "Delta Autumn," which may be in the same place as the one in "Race at Morning," has its own entry in this index.)

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Delta Hunting Ground
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Delta Hunting Ground