Countryside in and around Yoknapatawpha (Location Key)


In "Vendee" and The Unvanquished, Bayard and Ringo spend over fifty days riding in pursuit of Grumby. Accompanied most of the time by Buck McCaslin, they get as far south and west as "down toward Grenada" (101, 162) and as far east as Alabama (114, 181), though on the whole the chase seems to stay close to and within Yoknapatawpha. Bayard says "You could have put a silver dollar down on the geography page with the center of it at Jefferson and we would have never ridden out from under it" (102, 164). Many points inside that circumference are specifically described, and those spots are plotted on our map - though it should be noted that their locations are speculative. This location represents the other, unspecified points on their quest, and serves as the generic (and speculative) location for passages like "we had been seeing ducks and geese going north for more than a week," "we had two mules apiece, to swap onto at noon each day," and so on (102, 164).

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Countryside in and around Yoknapatawpha
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Countryside in and around Yoknapatawpha