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There's a golf course beside the Compson house in The Sound and the Fury. But we first hear about Yoknapatawpha's "country club" in Requiem for a Nun, when Temple sums up, with some bitterness, the life she and Gowan led after their marriage: one of the fashionable elements in it was "a country club with a country club younger set of rallying friends" with whom to drink on Saturday nights (124). This would have been in the early 1930s. According to The Mansion, the country club was already there in 1929, because that's the date the novel provides for when the golf course that was originally built in the early 20th century on land that the Compsons sold (in The Sound and the Fury) "moved out to the country club" (355). According to "Appendix Compson," however, the relocation of the "golfcourse" didn't occur until sometime after 1933 (331). These are the kinds of inconsistencies that make trying to locate Faulkner's locations in either space or time so adventurous. Temple's comment is the only indication of what the country club offered its members besides golf.

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