Compson Farm (Location Key)


The plantation where Sam Fathers works is another example of how Faulkner moves his un-real estate around Yoknapatawpha. In "A Justice," it belongs to the Compson family, and is "four miles away" from the Compson place that readers of The Sound and the Fury are familiar with (343). Though Quentin's narrative refers to it as a "farm" (343), it is unquestionably a plantation, run by a "manager" and with "barns and smokehouses," a "peach orchard," and a "quarters" where Sam lives with "the Negroes" - probably tenant farmers (343, 359). The narrative says that to get there a wagon has to go up and down several hills, but doesn't say what direction from town it has to travel in. Since Sam lives and works for a different family on a similar farm in "The Old People" and "The Bear," and in Go Down, Moses works for the McCaslins, we have decided to locate the Compson's farm north of Jefferson.

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Compson Farm
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Compson Farm

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