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After moving to Jefferson with a single wagon-load of merchandise, Goodhue Coldfield opens what Absalom! calls "a little cross-roads store" in Jefferson (32). In Faulkner's fiction 'cross-roads stores' are typically found in the country, but Coldfield's store is definitely in the town itself, next to the Holston House (32). Albeit this is antebellum Jefferson, which was not yet much of a town, but it seems more likely that by "cross-roads store" the novel means: stocked with the kind of merchandise that country people would buy, from farm equipment to fabric for homemade clothes - and not with material out of which to make a trousseau appropriate for Judith Sutpen, the daughter of the county's richest planter, although that is what Coldfield's daughter Rosa tries to do (61).

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Coldfield's Store
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Coldfield's Store

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