Coldfield House (Location Key)


The Coldfield residence in Jefferson is small, with "two storeys" (6) and one of the more famous attics in American fiction. During Rosa's childhood in the 1850s it was a "dim grim tight little house" (55), but doubtless well-maintained, with its "brick walk" (36) and "small, grimly middleclass yard or lawn" (15). By 1909, when Quentin Compson spends an afternoon with her in the "dim hot airless room" that she calls the "office because her father called it that" (3), the house is "unpainted and a little shabby" (6), and although there is still a "carriage" in the "barn" in the back, there is no longer a horse to pull it (15). The house is one of the five locations on the map Faulkner drew for Absalom! that figures in Absalom!, which is the only text it appears in.

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Coldfield House
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Coldfield House

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