Cemetery in Frenchman's Bend (Location Key)


Next to the church beside the main road into Frenchman's Bend is the churchyard, with "its sparse gleam of marble headstones in the sombre cedar grove" (The Hamlet, 349). Curiously, none of the fictions seem to mention anyone being buried in it - but see the entry Churchyard where Ellie Flint Is Buried.

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Frenchman's Bend Churchyard
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In The Hamlet, when Mrs. Armstid looks up the road that leads from Frenchman's Bend to Jefferson, she sees Mrs. Littlejohn's boarding house, then the schoolhouse, and then - on the "crest of a hill" - the local church, standing "among its sparse gleam of marble headstones in [a] sombre cedar grove where during the long afternoons of summer the constant mourning doves called back and forth" (349). But although this cemetery looks perfect as the setting for a funeral or some other scene, it appears in the fictions only this one time, seen from this distance.
Occupants: None identified.

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Cemetery in Frenchman's Bend
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Cemetery in Frenchman's Bend