Carothers McCaslin's Daughter

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Carothers McCaslin's Daughter
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McCaslin, Daughter of Carothers McCaslin
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Old Carothers McCaslin has three legitimate white children, one of whom is this daughter. This elusive figure is never named; the first time she appears in Go Down, Moses she is referred to as Cass Edmonds' "grandmother" (who "raised him following his mother's death") and "Uncle Buck and Uncle Buddy's sister" (9). She is at the head of the "distaff" side of the white McCaslins (5), "the woman" through whom Cass inherits both McCaslin blood, and, since Ike renounces his inheritance, the McCaslin property (243). She may have married a man named Edmonds and given birth to a son who is Cass' father - or she may have had a daughter who married a man named Edmonds.