Cambridge Inset: River and Drawbridge (Location Key)


In The Sound and the Fury, most of Quentin Compson's wanderings on June Second, 1910, stay close to the Charles River, which flows between between Boston and Cambridge before emptying into Boston Harbor. It is still, as in the novel, where the Harvard crew teams row. However, like most of the Massachusetts settings in Quentin's section, the drawbridge where Quentin gets off the trolley, looks at the Charles River "healing out to the sea" (90), and then watches Gerald Bland take a shell from a boathouse and start rowing is apparently Faulkner's invention. Because of the "schooner" he watches passing through the open bridge, it seems likely that all this is taking place closer to Boston Harbor than Harvard (89).

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Cambridge Inset: River and Drawbridge
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Cambridge Inset: River and Drawbridge